• Length 25’5″ (7.62 m)
  • Boat Beam 102″ (259 cm)
  • Weight 6100 lb (2767 kg)
  • Ballast 4400 lb (1995.81 kg)
  • Fuel Capacity 79 gal (299 l)
  • Hull ConvexV
  • Seating 18
  • Draft 29″ (74 cm)
  • Storage 137.49 ft³ (3.89 m³)

Built to impress at every level, the all-new Z5 is larger than life — and the largest of the Z Class. From its modern flare and luxurious interior to its incredible performance and capabilities, the Z5 is premium by nature and versatile by design. With spacious seating for up to 18 people, plus massive amounts of storage, you don’t have to leave anyone or any gear behind for your day at the lake.

Making a statement with its sizable presence, the Z5 throws ocean-worthy waves, and clean, tall wakeboard wakes to provide all-around versatility for your day on the water. You can dial in your sport of choice at the push of a button, whether it’s wakesurfing, wakeboarding, or skiing. When you’re ready to GO, so is your Z5.